Mike Patton

About: Michael T. Patton

Mike has significant corporate experience in acquisition integration, operations & information technology management, and financial reporting. Since forming Longwood Ventures in 2001, he’s worked with clients in a number of market segments, as well as having filled COO roles with startups in telecommunications, advertising technology, environmental services, manufacturing, and healthcare services.

During 2000 and early 2001, he was initially the Chief Operating Officer of Trilog Group, Inc., an enterprise software vendor, and then became its CEO/CFO.

From 1997 until 1999, Mike was Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Waste Management, Inc. in Houston, TX. During this time, Waste Management averaged approximately one acquisition per business day, including the acquisition of six publicly traded companies. While at Waste Management, Mike was responsible for ensuring the speedy integration of the business systems for the hundreds of acquisitions the company undertook, along with the rationalization of the staffs of the combined companies.

Between 1987 and 1997, he was Vice President and Chief Information Officer, as well as Vice President of Investor Relations for Mid-American Waste Systems, headquartered in Columbus, OH. Mike’s responsibilities included selection, deployment, and management of all of the Company’s business systems and infrastructure. After the Company’s public offering, he took on the additional tasks of presentations to potential and existing investors, interaction with Wall Street analysts covering the industry, and coordination of all stockholder communications.

Prior to joining Mid-American Waste Systems, Mike served for eight years at GBQ, a regional accounting, auditing, and advisory firm headquartered in Columbus, OH, the last five as manager of its management advisory services department.

Mike’s present efforts are focused on scalable service businesses, on-line and off, primarily within the publishing, environmental services and health care industries. He also devotes time to mentoring entrepreneurs in areas of business where his several scars can provide object lessons of some value.