Jim Zordani

About: James E. Zordani

Jim has over 15 years of successful experience in the sales and marketing of human resource and payroll software and services. He has also been a pioneer in the field of human resource business process outsourcing, also called “HRO”.

Jim served as a Vice President for Ceridian’s HRO business. He was responsible for key acquisitions including the purchase of IBM’s commercial human resource service center, which became the operational center for the Ceridian HRO business. Additionally, Jim had responsibility for managing relationships with industry analysts and consultants as well as starting and managing a highly successful HRO sales organization for the western United States.

Earlier in his career, he was with IBM Global Services and was instrumental in starting the human resource software and HR outsourcing businesses. During his time at IBM Global Services, he spearheaded leading edge HR related projects with key IBM clients such as the Department of Defense, Waste Management, and the Houston Independent School District.